Sportway Teams Up with New Zealand Football

A significant collaboration has been announced between Sportway and New Zealand Football, marking a milestone in the promotion and coverage of domestic football nationwide. This partnership aims to elevate the viewing experience through the integration of advanced AI technology in the production of matches from top leagues, including the Northern League, Central League, Southern League and the men’s and women’s National League Championship.

Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Sportway has swiftly initiated the implementation of this pioneering project. Cutting-edge cameras are being installed across venues throughout New Zealand, promising to revolutionize how football matches are captured and delivered to audiences.

Michael Craig, CEO and Partner of Sportway New Zealand, expressed his excitement for this venture, highlighting its potential to showcase the immense talent within the local football community. “Our collaboration with New Zealand Football opens up thrilling possibilities to bring fans closer to the action through the use of AI technology,” he remarked, emphasizing the goal of fostering a deeper connection between enthusiasts and the world’s most popular sport.

Andrew Pragnell, CEO New Zealand Football, also shared his enthusiasm, stating “We want to make football as accessible as possible, and our broadcast and content strategy is an important part of that.”

“To go from only broadcasting one domestic game per week a few years ago, behind a paywall, to delivering over 200 this year is an impressive change and will transform competitions like the National League which is now much easier for fans to discover and follow.”

“Working with AI cameras is a new approach for us but broadcasting domestic games on this scale would not be possible with a traditional model, so we have been keen to adopt this technology and are excited for how it develops as the technology evolves.”

This landmark agreement showcases the long-term commitment of both Sportway and New Zealand Football to advancing football in the region. Additionally, the matches produced through this partnership will be featured on the FIFA platform FIFA+, extending the reach of New Zealand football to a global audience.

As Sportway continues to push boundaries in sports broadcasting, this partnership signals the dawn of a new era in immersive and captivating football coverage for fans worldwide. Stay tuned for further exciting developments as we embark on this journey together.

Sportway, part of Sportway Media Group ( is a company engaged in the production and commercialization of media rights, also owning technology and software supporting streaming services, including AI production. Operating in thirteen countries with offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Riga, Prague, Paris, Melbourne, and Auckland, Sportway Media Group is poised to stream over 250,000 events for the 24/25 season across various sports, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.