Sportway Oy and the Finnish Rinkball Association Agree on a Broadcasting Deal for the 2023-2024 Season

Sportway Oy, the Finnish subsidiary to Sportway Media Group, is happy to announce that the second partner federation in Finland is the Finnish Rinkball Association! The agreement will bring up to 1000 rinkball games from all levels available anytime and anywhere on the new dedicated platform, Kaukalopallo TV. 

“The number of broadcasted rinkball matches will be multiplied in the upcoming season. Kaukalopallo TV will help us to serve our current players and followers better, but also to attract new interest and develop the sport in the future.”, says Janne Borgström, Executive Director of the Finnish Rinkball Association. 

“There was a great mutual interest between both parties and from that, it was a very fast and easy process to finalize the agreement. The Rinkball Association with Janne at the head, has already been great to work with and we are more than happy to have this agreement as our second one in Finland”, Riku Pitkänen, Project Manager at Sportway Oy adds. 

Sportway Media Group via its subsidiary Sportway Oy currently has around 170 AI-cameras installed in ice rinks across Finland. They have been used and are being used to produce the flagship product in Finland, Leijonat TV. 

“It’s great that we can take advantage of our already existing cameras to help develop rinkball in Finland, it’s also fantastic from a sustainability standpoint. Since the deal came in place so quickly, we will be able to offer streams on Kaukalopallo TV this autumn already.”, explains Joonas Saari, the Country Manager of Sportway in Finland and the Baltics. 

Sportway Media Group ( ) is a well-established company engaged in media rights acquisitions as well as the owner of technology and software supporting streaming services. Sportway Media Group is operating streaming services in 5 countries, within all major team sports and with close to 1,000 cameras installed. Sportway Media Group have offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Prague. For the 22/23 season it is estimated that Sportway Media Group will stream between 150-200,000 games from ice-hockey, handball, floorball, basketball, volleyball and rinkball across all markets.