Sportway Media Group and the Finnish Cheerleading Federation Join Forces to Stream Events and Increase Visibility

Sportway Media Group (SMG) and the Finnish Cheerleading Federation announce a new partnership, solidifying the commitment to elevating the profile of cheerleading in Finland. This strategic collaboration is expected to significantly boost the sport’s visibility and accessibility, opening avenues for enhanced viewing and appreciation among the sport’s enthusiasts.

SMG will create a platform called FincheerTV for Finnish Cheerleading and broadcast Spirit, Super, and National (SM)-competitions. The first broadcast will be in March 2024 and end with the National Championship (SM) in June 2024.

SMG’s production partner will be Suora Broadcasting, now owned by DMC Production, which has a close-knit relationship with SMG. Suora is known for its excellence in live event production and broadcasting and will help make the productions even more captivating and immersive, ensuring that audiences feel intimately connected to the energy and excitement of each cheerleading performance.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Finnish Cheerleading Federation to the Sportway family,” stated Daniel Franck, CEO of Sportway Media Group. “This is the first cooperation we have with a cheerleading federation, and we are excited to take part in this enthusiastic and spirited sport.”

The Finnish Cheerleading Federation echoed this sentiment, expressing their enthusiasm for the collaboration and the potential impact on the sport through Tiina Kuikka, Executive Director: “Finnish cheerleading is attracting an increasingly large audience and it’s great to find a partner who sees the attractiveness and growth potential of cheerleading as we do. Although our energetic and thrilling sport is definitely the best on site, we want to offer a high-quality experience to spectators at home as well. The upcoming streaming platform, FincheerTV, gathers the most important events of domestic cheerleading on one platform and thus brings the cheer community together. We are excited to develop the platform together with Sportway Media Group.”

Joonas Saari, CEO Sportway Finland, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with the Finnish Cheerleading Federation, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Cheerleading Federation and develop great initiatives together.” He also emphasized the pleasure of working alongside Suora Broadcasting, highlighting their adaptability in broadcasting, remarking, “It is a delightful experience to cooperate with Suora Broadcasting, our production partner in this venture, showcasing our broadcasting flexibility in unison.”

The partnership between Sportway Media Group, the Finnish Cheerleading Federation, and Suora Broadcasting is set to provide a platform that not only showcases the talent and dedication of cheerleading athletes but also fosters a deeper sense of community and support for the sport within Finland.

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