Sportway Media Group Agrees Deal with the Swedish Volleyball Federation and Elitserien

Sportway Media Group (SMG) has acquired the media rights for Swedish men’s and women’s top-tier volleyball leagues, “Elitserien”. The long-term deal will initially see 20 new state-of-the-art AI cameras installed in arenas across Sweden.

SMG has now forged partnerships with three volleyball federations, including Denmark and Norway, as well as three other sports in Sweden: ice hockey, tennis, and football.

Daniel Franck, CEO of Sportway Media Group had this to say about the deal:

“Volleyball is the sport I grew up playing and loving, so this deal is very close to my heart, and the popularity of the sport is growing immensely in Sweden at the moment. Volleyball (and beach volleyball) is such an attractive sport and our partnership aims to increase the popularity and accessibility of volleyball.”

Simon Dahl, Secretary General of the Swedish Volleyball Federation added:

”We teamed up with Sportway Media Group to continue our growth in Sweden and develop our top leagues to produce the best volleyball matches in Sweden. With the strides our women are currently taking, and as we see more and more talent coming through on the men’s side, we feel we need a media partner that wants to be a part of our volleyball movement, and we get that with SMG.”

Sportway Media Group’s ambition is to broadcast all Elitserien games, and then expand production to cover all Swedish volleyball, including lower-tier senior leagues, junior leagues, and youth leagues, primarily using AI technology but also with manual production using both cameras and the Producer App provided by SMG.

Sportway Media Group ( is a company engaged in production and commercialization of media rights as well as the owner of technology and software supporting streaming services, including AI production. Sportway Media Group operates streaming services in nine countries, within all major team sports, and with close to 1,000 cameras installed. Sportway Media Group has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague, and Auckland. For the 23/24 season, it is estimated that Sportway Media Group will stream over 200,000 games from ice hockey, handball, floorball, basketball, football, volleyball, rugby, and rinkball across all markets.