Sportway Australia Enters Two New Partnerships

Sportway Australia is delighted to unveil its expanded commitment to field hockey content production with the forging of new partnerships alongside Hockey South Australia and Hockey Western Australia. This strategic move, complementing our existing collaboration with Hockey Australia, underscores Sportway’s dedication to enhancing the coverage and promotion of field hockey on a national scale. This expansion solidifies Sportway’s pledge to nurture the sport’s growth at both local and regional levels.

Harnessing cutting-edge AI camera technology, Sportway will elevate the viewing experience by producing and streaming the Premier League and State Championships in South Australia, while also broadcasting the Premier League matches in Western Australia.

The fruitful collaboration between Sportway Australia and Hockey Australia has already demonstrated remarkable success in amplifying the visibility of field hockey. These latest partnerships mark an exhilarating milestone in the shared mission of both organisations. Together, our aim is to ignite greater enthusiasm for the sport, encouraging participation from aspiring players, dedicated coaches, and passionate supporters alike.

Brian Meinrath, VP Sales & Business Development at Sportway Australia, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the new partnerships, stating: “Building upon our solid foundation with Hockey Australia, the addition of partnerships with South Australia and Western Australia injects even more excitement into our initiatives. I am eagerly looking forward to launching these projects and witnessing their impact.”

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