Our Solutions

With AI automated technology, we make sport available for everyone, anywhere, anytime. Our solution, specializing in lower tier leagues and youth divisions, not only enables games to be filmed, produced, and broadcasted to your individual platform, but it also provides added services such as coaching tools and player accounts.

We strengthen the sport!

Our goal is to bring the power of live and on-demand video streaming to organizations everywhere to ensure that all sports on all levels are available to everyone. Understanding the sporting industry has helped us to create a business model that allows clubs and organizations to benefit with no investment.


Broadcast all produced games, both live and on demand. Integration with federations’ and leagues’ databases allows all upcoming matches to be scheduled automatically, without human interaction.

With our AI-production in place, all teams, in all divisions, in all arenas, will be filmed and made available for the world to watch live or on-demand.

The custom or white-label solutions allow you to fully customize the site to align with your organization’s graphic look and feel and branding it with static ads, pre- and post-rolls, to make it your own.

Access the play site through a browser or in a mobile app, ready to cast to your TV to make all sports available, regardless of your location.

Such as pay-per-view and subscription models are embedded on the site.

Studio App

The Producer app allows you to take control of the game production using only your mobile phone. The Producer App is unique in the automated sports production industry, as it places flexibility and control over your clubs’ broadcasts directly into your hands. Available for download on iOS and Android phones in Q4 – 2022.

Manually broadcast games played in venues that do not use our AI camera, allowing you to cover every shot, save and goal.

Using your mobile phone and headset, call the game live as you see it to give your fans an enhanced game experience. 

Using the Match Controller gives you the ability to manually add scores, period indicators, and game clock graphics directly into your broadcast.

Team Account

Team Account allows teams and coaches to use the video and collected data in their everyday practice activity. Real-time tagging of events from the live video broadcasts, as well as in-depth data collection, is connected to individual players.

With Team Account, coaches and players can analyze performance and provide constructive feedback and coaching, speeding up development and increasing practice quality.

Draw and comment directly on video streams and send feedback to the player’s account.

Tag shots on goals, turnovers, face-offs, and other sport-specific information.

Available as a web based application.


Player Account

The Player Account allows every individual player to create their own media and statistics library, to keep track of their performance and progress. Full games, and highlights, can be collected and edited to share amongst teammates and on social media. The Player Account also enables players to create their own highlight-reel to share with scouts, schools, and other teams.

Video library, full games, and clips


Share with team, friends, and family

Situation Room

The “Situation Room” feature helps to ensure player safety. Get post-game access to a high-resolution video of the entire playing surface, regardless of where the action has taken place. With the help of a joystick, this software allows you to scroll through video files, giving you the ability to play, replay, increase speed and zoom-in to find the specific in-game situation you are looking for.

Low latency feed

For the betting market and live-data aggregators, we provide a low latency stream.

The unique AI-processing in combination with our CDN, provides a glass-to-glass stream within less than 5 seconds to multiple destinations.

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